Eltel. Technology Solutions for the Security and Institutional Markets

Eltel has been developing and providing technological solutions since 1979. The company has about 300 professionals, with decades of accumulated experience, who provide continuous and constantly evolving value to a range of customers.

The company is a leader in instruction and training solutions, simulator solutions, information systems and decision-making solutions, as well as in the field of security checks and HLS.

Eltel includes R & D units that are the most advanced in their field and operates projects nationwide. The company has a variety of customers in the security and institutional sectors in Israel and abroad.

Amongst Eltel’s customers and partners are leading companies in Israel and worldwide, such as Boeing, Virtra, the Israeli Defence Forces, Israel Military Industries, the Israeli Police and more.

Leading Solutions and Services

  • DSS - Decision Supporting Systems

    A DSS system is a computerized information system that supports decision making processes in the business or organization. The system is designed to assist managers at the managerial, operational and strategic levels to make unstructured or semi-structured decisions.
  • Simulation and Training Systems

    Eltel specializes in developing arena generators and simulators, and in integrating them under a single training infrastructure so that it can fully realize simulative training with physical forces on the ground under the same arena and infrastructure (LVC - Live Virtual Constructive simulation).
  • HLS

    Providing a solution that supports the decision-making process in homeland security, preparation of the task force and activation of the task force in possible emergency scenarios, extreme scenarios, in routine and emergencies situations caused by natural disasters, epidemics, operational failures, terrorist attacks and conflicts between countries.
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