Malam Provident Fund Operation. Effective solutions for the management of institutional entities

The frequent changes due to the changing regulations, alongside the need to ensure that the insured's pension funds are properly managed, require sophisticated solutions for institutional entities.

Malam Provident and Pension Funds is the answer, providing advanced IT solutions for institutional investors in the field of long term savings. The solutions offered by Malam Provident and Pension Funds provide institutional entities with tools for pension management, control and optimization, and allow for maximum synchronization, accuracy and transparency.

The company works with provident funds, pension funds and others, and can provide a solution that, in both the technological and the content aspect, is tailored according to the customer’s needs and the regulatory requirements.

Malam Provident and Pension Funds’ customers include Opal, Amitim computerization company, Gilad Pension Fund, Meitav Dash, and more.

Another supplementary service in the field of provident funds is provided by:

Malam Provident Fund Operation

Malam Provident Fund Operation Ltd. is a company that specializes in providing operational services and complementary services to provident funds, education funds, pension funds and compensation funds. The company operates and assists in the management of matters the array of members, of investments (including the evaluation of assets and securities) and of bookkeeping, this by a remarkable combination of:

  • Human capital, with rich experience of over 30 years in this sector
  • Advanced technological solutions and a system developed in-house
  • Financial strength and economic depth
  • Collaborations with the leading institutional bodies in the market
  • Full knowledge of the law and ever-changing regulatory provisions while making adjustments as required

Malam Provident Fund Operation provides services to the markets leading entities, including investment houses, banking corporations, insurance companies, and more.


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