Comtec & KCS. Development and Implementation of Software Systems

Comtec and KCS specialize in the development and implementation of tailor-made software systems. Their knowledge and broad experience ensure that their customers receive solutions that are cutting-edge, flexible and suited to the needs of the organization, and as in-depth infrastructure for its requirements.

Comtec and KCS's customers include Israel's leading insurance companies (Harel, Phoenix, AIG, Ayalon, etc), banks (Leumi, Hapoalim, Discount), global companies (Teva, Israel Chemicals, Noble Energy) and hospitals (Ichilov, Rambam, Ziv, Hillel Yaffe, and others) as well as government offices (Ministry of Health and more)

Services offered by Comtec and KCS:

  • Total Insurance System (TIS)

    A comprehensive system for managing elementary insurance and health insurance in insurance companies
  • InfoBay

    A cyber system for the secure dissemination of information from organizations, including the encryption of emails, for use by banks, insurance companies, medical institutions, etc.
  • Generica

    An infrastructural system for solutions in regulatory compliance and control (GRC, QMS) for conglomerates and financial companies, pharmaceutical companies and government agencies.
  • General Systems

    Development and implementation of dedicated systems for all of the ports in Israel, Clalit Health Services, Shagrir and others.
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