Malam Payroll. A comprehensive technological solution for the management of human resources

Malam Payroll is the largest and leading company in Israel for the supply of advanced technological services for human resources management – payroll systems, human resources systems, attendance systems, pension savings and more. The company has a professional and skilled service network with extensive experience.

Malam Payroll has a unique integrative system that enables comprehensive management of the human resource components – payroll, attendance, human resources and pension savings – that is tailored to each organization and on a single database, in an advanced Oracle based technological environment.

The systems of Malam Payroll allow for full flexibility and operational independence, maximum transparency of information and data, and serves as a tool for the automation of organizational processes, while abiding by the law, protecting sensitive information and the organization’s interests.

Malam Payroll holds a gold mark from the Israeli Standards Institute and is certified by the Institute for international quality standards.

Leading customers: Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Health, Mekorot, Fattal Hotels, Hilton, Tel Aviv Municipality, Jerusalem Municipality, TEN petrol stations, Ichilov Research Fund, Maayanei HaYeshua Hospital, Dan Transport, Zim, Kal Auto, El Al.

Leading Services and Solutions:

  • • Payroll System

    The Malam Pay & Roll payroll system is part of the Malam Payroll unique solution, both in the professional and the technological aspect.
    The system allows each customer to implement, with absolute precision, all of the wage agreements that are relevant to its employees, from all sectors of the economy, as well as to control the payroll expenses before processing. In addition, all encompassing control, analysis and investigation can be carried out after the wages are processed.
  • • Attendance System

    Malam Payroll has advanced solutions for the collection and processing of attendance data, starting from the collection stage, through the management of the process, and up to attendance analysis. This solution is fully adapted and updated to the conceptual changes in the market for employee attendance data management systems. Malam Payroll has a range of solutions for the collection of attendance data, starting from attendance clocks installed at the workplace office, internet based reporting systems, telephone landline or cellular based reporting systems, and a unique application for reporting attendance from cellular phone devices.
    The attendance data processing system analyzes the work hours per employee during the month, and the processing results serve as the principle calculation of the employee's salary components.
  • • Human Resources System

    In response to the challenge of human resources management, Malam Payroll offers its customers a human resources system that is fully integrated with the payroll and the attendance systems. The system is a process system that supports the entire lifecycle of the employee in the organization - from the recruitment of the employee to the organization, with the complete management of all relevant personal and informative employee data.
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