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McKit Systems Ltd. is a manufacturer, marketer and implementer of software solutions for engineering, manufacturing and infrastructure.

The company specializes in PLM solutions for the management of information and processes and for conducting analysis, CAD solutions and advanced design environments.

McKit offers a range of professional services: consultancy services, systems analysis, implementation and integration of advanced systems, training and support.

The company represents, in Israel, the Siemens PLM automation division and Bentley Systems, combined with complementary applications developed in-house by McKit. The company provides organizations with a coherent and secure work environment with mechanised tools based on innovative technologies for sharing information, resources and knowledge.

McKit was founded in 1984, and since then it leads the market in implementation and support for companies and organizations. The company maintains a reputation of 28 years of experience, close relationships with customers and business partners. McKit software solutions serve thousands of customers in various fields in the industry: high-tech and electronics, aerospace and defence, energy, medical devices, etc.

Names of leading customers: Israel Aerospace Industries, Rafael, Elbit, all branches of the Israel Defence Forces, Iscar, Ormat, IMI, Raval, Arkal.

Services offered by Comtec:

  • Teamcenter

    Siemen’s Team center is the world's leading PLM system for the management of the product life cycle. Team center allows for the management of product portfolios, product trees, versions and engineering processes.
  • NX Software

    Siemen’s NX Software is a parametric engine based CAD/CAM software used for aviation and military design, complex plastic products, manufacturing moulds, CNC machining and creating surfaces on 5 axes, and conducting analysis and simulation of smart ergonomics.
  • Solid Edge

    Siemen’s Solid Edge is a parametric CAD/CAM software with an OLE interface for the MS Office environment, that enables smooth and direct transfer for machining and engraving. The system includes functional models such as: design of parts, management of assemblies and drawings, design of sheet metal and outfitting, mould design, product design, wiring, parts libraries and strength analysis.
  • DOC4TC

    McKit’s DOC4TC is a complementary product for Teamcenter that addresses output management. The product provides a comprehensive response for everything related to file processing management in the ongoing work process throughout the life of the product, including: conversion to neutral formats, collecting signatures, wrapping and printing.
  • DDP - Document Distribution Platform

    McKit’s DDP - Document Distribution Platform, is complementary product for Teamcenter. The product knows how to manage the process of distribution of information throughout the life of the distribution package: its definition, collecting the information for distribution, processing as needed, generating accompanying reports, packaging and distribution.
  • PLANT Solutions

    Bentley’s PLANT solutions are complete and integrative solutions that support all phases of the project cycle in the process industry from the conceptual design stage up to the physical planning including automatic mechanisms for producing different reports, and lists of quantities and drawings to be prepared.
  • CIVIL Solutions

    Bentley’s CIVIL solutions are leading solutions for the development of land and planning of national infrastructure, such as roads, interchanges, water drainage systems and railways.
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