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The largest and leading integration company in Israel that provides a complete line of solutions in all IT worlds, and all under the one roof. The company has more than 10,000 customers (large, small and everything in-between) from all sectors of the economy, about 1,200 employees and over 100 years of cumulative experience.

The company works in collaboration with the world’s leading manufacturers, and as such provides an independent variety of solutions that are suited to the business needs with the aim of maximizing real value for our customers.

Among Team’s customers are leading companies and organizations from the various sectors of the economy, such as the Israeli Electric Company, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Clalit Health Services, Bank Leumi, HOT, Verint, Allot Communications, Elbit, the Tel Aviv Municipality, Playtech, Strauss and more.


The company has a complete line of solutions for all IT worlds:

  • Team Infrastructures & Integration

    Over the years Team has developed and nurtured a TIER 1 level business partnership with all of the leading manufacturers, and successfully implements complex integration processes in a vast range of projects.
  • Team Cloud

    Specialists in setting up clouds (cloud builders), providers of cloud computing services for all possible cloud configurations and for all of the challenges in the cloud environment and in the transfer to them, alongside an advanced data centre located in Jerusalem.
  • Team Cyber

    Focusing on comprehensive technological solutions that implement an efficient and effective line of defence against cyber threats, information security and monitoring and control, based on dozens of security experts with the highest qualifications who enjoy the trust of customers and business partners alike.
  • Team Advanced Networking

    Specializing in the design and implementation of advanced communications systems and providing solutions for advanced and analytical communications alongside complementary solutions that enable the implementation of technological innovation in all media channels.
  • Team managed Services

    Providing outsourcing services and managed services in the IT field with an emphasis on the management of service centres and technicians, as well as successfully leading operating and outsourcing services for the management of computing systems, based on the customer-at-centre concept.
  • Team Software

    Team represents a range of leading software solutions from Israeli and international software companies and is the representative of Autodesk in Israel.

    Our customers’ success is a central theme for Team. The company is particular about exploiting its knowledge and experience to enable customers to deal successfully with competitors and with challenges and to maximize their real value in line with their business needs.
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