Infrastructure and integration

The foundation for any successful business, operational, and organizational activity is a reliable and stable infrastructure of all of the organization's technological systems.

Malam Team's Infrastructure and Integration Division, which was recognized by STKI as a leader in its field in Israel, provides a wide range of advanced computing solutions, along with extensive knowledge and experience in adapting them to the customer’s business needs.

The Division specializes in consulting, architecting, designing, and implementing system-based solutions, infrastructure software, communications, and information security, both in the traditional world as well as in the advanced modern world.

Malam Team works hand-in-hand with the leading manufacturers of the corporate computing environment, and has extensive experience in all sectors of the economy. The Group has strategic cooperation with the world's leading software, hardware, communications, and security software manufacturers.

Over the decades, the Infrastructure and Integration Division has won numerous awards as an outstanding partner in Israel, in various categories from prominent and leading manufacturers in the world, and has even won awards for International Partner of the Year from some manufacturers.

Our Solutions.


Characterization, installation, and maintenance of servers suited to your organization’s needs


Planning and implementation of infrastructure based solutions, communications, and information security solutions from the leading manufacturers for corporate computing environments

IoT – The Internet of Things

Planning, assimilation, implementation, and maintenance of projects in the IoT field

Control and monitoring systems

The control and monitoring field outlines unique solutions based on modular and integrative management components


OEM activity embodies our professional expertise alongside the customers’ vote of confidence

Public Transport

Solutions for managing, ticketing and sharing information

Printing Solutions

A variety of integrated printing solutions for all organizational needs

Unique Systems Engineering

Expertise in assimilating and supporting complex systems for leading organizations